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Wooden Nesting Box

Wooden Nesting Box

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Frisco Wooden Nesting Box; Tending To Your Flock Has Never Been Easier Than With This Wooden Nesting Box, From Frisco By Chewy. Its The Ideal Way To House A Trio Of Happy Hens, Designed With Several Built-In Features To Make Egg Collecting A Breeze. The Slanted Bottom Helps Eggs Roll Safely Underneath The Protection Of The Lid, And The Mesh Base Allows Unwanted Materials To Pass Through So Theres Less Mess To Clean Up. From Frisco By Chewy. Keep Your Hens Happily Housed With The Help Of This Cozy Nesting Box. The Slanted Bottom Allows Eggs To Roll Safely Underneath The Lid, Preventing Any Damage And Making Collection Easy. The Base Features Wire Mesh To Allow Unwanted Materials To Pass Through It, Minimizing The Necessity Of Cleaning. The Tilted Roof Prevents Damage From Roosting On The Top Of The Unit. Frisco Products Are Crafted To Deliver More Happy Moments Together—From Hen Houses To Runs, To Snuffle Mats And Sturdy Toys. Designed, Tested And Approved By The Pet Experts At Chewy.

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