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Grazing Muzzle Lime Pony

Grazing Muzzle Lime Pony

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The Equine Grazing Muzzle Offers Comfort And Durability Second To None! This Unique Grazing Muzzle Is Constructed Of A Lightweight, Non-Toxic, Semi-Flexible, Durable Material That Does Not Hold Moisture, Making It Exceptionally Easy To Clean. Slotted Throughout, Not Only Does It Provide Superior Ventilation But It Also Allows Your Horse To Eat Through Different Areas In The Bottom, Mimicking Natural Grazing Behavior. This Prevents One Area From Becoming Worn Out While Giving Your Horse Diversity And Also Allowing For Unrestricted Breathing And Drinking. Designed To Fit Much Larger Than Traditional Muzzles, It Also Has A Square Basket-Type Shape That Feels Less Confining Since It Sits Off The Face, Meaning It Wont Rub And Your Horse Wont Go Out Of Their Way To Try To Take It Off. The Gg Equine Comes With 4 Breakaway Straps That Can Be Attached To Your Normal Halter. Let Your Horse Enjoy Their Pasture Time With This Innovative Grazing Muzzle! Please Note: Horse And Pony Sizes May Not Fit In Some Types Of Automatic Waterers If The Diameter Is Less Than 11 Inches.

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