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Deal Alley Dave

3 Gallon Pen Waterer - 3 Gals

3 Gallon Pen Waterer - 3 Gals

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Ideal For Use In Pens, Confinement Areas And Travel Trailers. Animal Simply Bites Down To Drink Or Moves Stainless Steel Trigger In Center Of Nipple To Activate Water Flow. When Animal Releases Trigger, Water Flow Stops. Easy To Mount, Move, Fill, Drain, Clean And Store. Great For Travel Since Motion Will Not Activate The Water Valve Or Allow Water To Spill. Made Of High Impact Plastic; Rust- And Corrosion-Resistant. Screw-On Lid For Easy Filling Without Having To Remove From Mounted Position. Vented Lid Ensures Plentiful Air Exchange For A Constant Flow. Easy To Attach On Fence Or Pen; Can Be Easily Adjusted For The Drinking Height Needed. Narrow Design To Save Space On Pen Walls. Features Heavy-Duty Handles And Thick Mounting Holes. Includes Cone Throat #75 Nipple Connected To A 45° Elbow And Heavy-Duty Bulkhead Fitting. Holds 3 Gallons.

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