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Deal Alley Dave

Ez Cow Milker Kit

Ez Cow Milker Kit

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Product Description Hand Held, Trigger Operated Vacuum Pump Designed For The Collection Of Colostrum And Milking Of Cows. Collected Milk Or Colostrum Can Be Used Immediately Or Stored In A Bank For Future Needs. Also A Great Remedy In The Prevention And Treatment Of Mastitis. Simple And Easy To Use. Requires Minimal Effort From The User. Just A Few Pulls On The Trigger Creates A Vacuum In The Bottle And The Colostrum Or Milk Starts Flowing And Filling The Bottle. Safe, Reliable And Effective. Easy To Clean With Disinfectant Or Sanitizer. Also Includes 2 Black Rubber Inserts For Use With Extraction Cylinders To Help Fit A Wide Range Of Teat Sizes And To Give Your Cow Extra Comfort. Patented.

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